Essay On The Negative Effects Of Video Games

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Refutation and Conclusion
With all the effects presented in the previous paragraphs, the risks of playing violent video games still outweigh the benefits. The negative effects are still more evident and immediate than the benefits. Moreover, these effects not only affect the children in a short-term period, but also in a long-term period. Playing video games increases the confidence of the gamer, but this does not mean that the gamer is also good in other aspects of life. One may earn confidence in playing video games because of the high level he/she have accomplished, however, the possibility of getting stuck in having the idea that he/she is only good in playing cannot be disregarded. A child may be excellent in earning
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Moreover, there are several ways in reducing the patient’s anxiety, especially children, such as yoga, tea party, reading a book, and taking a stroll. These tips can take the patients’ mind of the upcoming surgery, thus helping them to relax, asserts Przeworski (2013).
Lastly, it is evident that the negatives of playing violent video games offset the positives of playing it. Although these games have their own benefits, the risks that these violent video games give to children are more serious and deeply affect the children. It can lead to heightened aggression, addiction and broken relationships with family and other people. It does not mean that children should overall stop playing violent video games or video games in general, however the time that children play video games should be controlled and should only be an hour or lesser
(Grandoni, 2014). Parents should talk to their children and tell them not to imitate the players in the video games and to not copy the actions. Also, instead of playing video games, children should go outside and play outdoors. There are so many things to do outdoors that children can do and are more fun than playing video games.
Therefore, playing violent video games can provide children with entertainment and
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