Essay On The Pros And Cons Of Spanking Children

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Let’s all be honest for a minute, some kids really do deserve a beating. Smacking your kids can be a great help for them in the long run, it will help teach them much better than a stern talking too. There are many benefits of hitting your kids, but people will obviously argue that hitting your kids can be a terrible thing. Of course, it only turns terrible if you take it too far.
According to the Overall Benefits of Spanking Children, written by Stephanie Perata on storify. When you spank your child, they are much less likely to do things that you do not approve of, as they have a larger fear of the consequences if they were to get caught. If you tell your child not to slam doors, and then after they slam one you smack them on the bottom; they will become much less likely to do it again in the future. This is due to them remembering what happened last time they didn’t do what they were told. Another source, this one
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In this section, they explain spanking should be used as a last minute resort, and also very sparingly at that. When you spank your child you need to be careful not to take it too far, sure a smack on the behind might be needed a few times but full on beating your child into submission should never be needed. If you take the punishment too far, this is what can lead to potential trauma in these events. You should also always have a reason for spanking your child that is reasonable for the punishment. If they do something as small as leaving a light on after leaving the room this should not welcome a spanking, but if they are tossing a glass cup up in the air, and it shatters all over the floor potentially even putting a crack in the floor if you have hardwood, that may deserve a beating. It’s just important to note that while smacking your child can have a positive effect, it’s very important to not overdue

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