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What Are the Pros and Cons of Hydrogen Fuel Cells? Hydrogen fuel cells are among the cleanest energy sources today, and they are increasingly used by many people to power up their vehicles. Actually, they now serve as an alternative fuel to automobile technology, converting hydrogen into electricity to charge the batteries. Other than those using hydrogen, there are even other categories, including phosphoric acid (PACF), molten carbonate (MCFC), proton exchange membrane (PEM), alkaline fuel cells (AFC) and solid oxide cells (SOFC). With a focus on just hydrogen fuel cells, the technology certainly comes with many benefits. However, it also comes with certain disadvantages. The pros and cons of hydrogen fuel cells are very interesting information, especially for people who are always using them and even for those who are planning to do the same. Here are some, if not…show more content…
They have an abundant source of energy. Hydrogen is a resource that is more plentiful compared to gasoline that is derived from oil, which in turn is a limited resource. On the other hand, hydrogen can be found in many natural resources, like water, that are infinite. This means the use of the fuel cells can be forever. List of Cons of Hydrogen Fuel Cells 1. They are extremely expensive. Initially, hydrogen fuel cells are extremely expensive to manufacture. However, just like other new technologies, their costs would come down to price levels that are affordable by normal consumers with mass production. Now, we are in a transition period, where many fuel cell manufacturers are investing literally hundreds of millions of dollars in gearing up for mass manufacturing and, at the same time, trying to develop a variety of markets for such products. Though these cells’ price is seen as a great disadvantage, things are changing now. 2. They can just be used in short-distance travels. As these power sources do not contain a high level of fuel, you can just use them for a while to nearby

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