Essay On The Pros And Cons Of Immigration

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There are many cons of immigration and some pros of it. At this point, they just make it so easy for immigrants to get in whether they are legal or illegal. I would say that most of the people are legal but there are also some illegal ones for sure. One of the main cons of immigration can be the threat they have with terrorism. I say this because it has happened many times. The main terrorism attack everyone knows about or relates this back to is 9/11. This was a horrible thing for our country as a whole because it made people all around the world threatened and wondering if this horrible tragedy may happen somewhere in their area or harm their children in any way. Another thing immigration worries Americans with is the American people getting…show more content…
is because immigrant workers are willing to do most of the jobs Americans do not want to do. Most of these jobs are manual labor like building houses, construction or other things that fall under that category. I think that people who have made it here and done the whole process legally deserve to be here but the ones who are here illegally need to go back to where they came from. It makes it possible for people to be able to improve their living conditions because if they have their own company or business they can hire immigrants and they will work for much cheaper than the normal American. This also hurts a lot of Americans because they get fired when immigrants are willing to work for wages way lower than what these people are normally used to. Another argument is that immigrants are a huge part in Americans economic growth. Some people argue that them increasing our population is a good thing. Also, payed taxes increase social security and the expands the federal budget. They cause for the economy to boost and their culture expands along with ours and people get to experience different cultures. If you go to a hospital, there are a good bit of the doctors and nurses that are of a different ethnic group or immigrants as we call them. One reason is because most of the foreign people are pretty intelligent. All in all, there are many pros and cons to immigration. I think
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