Pros And Cons Of Corporal Punishment At Home

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Con and Pros of Corporal Punishment at home. The cons of “Corporal punishment may negatively affect both the parent and child,leaving with heavy hearts and troubled minds.”(Author unknown. NYLN YOUTH LEADERBLOG. July28,2015. November 14,2017.)Affecting the parents and the child’s relationship can led to a very unhealthy future.Having an unhealthy relationship isn’t good on either the parent or child.When the child is older they might not be around the parent as much.Also the child might end up being derepressed when older from being beat as a child and won’t have a happy life Corporal punishment might not always be effective.It might let the child think that it is…show more content…
Green Garage The Eco friendly blog. Date unknown. November 15,2017.) If done correctly the child shouldn’t end up with any broken bones or body parts which is good.The child also won’t have as much trauma as if not done correctly.If done correctly the child might not act out as much and you wouldn’t have to use Corporal punishment as much.Corporal punishment can be effective when teaching good…show more content…
Green Garage The Eco friendly blog. Date unknown. November 15,2017.)I think that the child will get over being spanked or they might not all children are different.Parents can always find ways to make them stop crying and get over themselves.The parent shouldn’t hit them more than three times and not super hard.I think depending on the child it depends on how long it will take them to get over the fact that they got punished for doing something wrong. “Those who use corporal punishment or even spanking gives them control over those under disciplinary action.A child knows that every wrongdoing gets physical consequences,and allows them to respect authority.”(Author unknown. NYLN YOUTHLEADERBLOG. July28,2015. November 15,2017.)Using corporal punishment gives the parent an easier time punishing their child because when spanked they know that they did something wrong.The child will also respect adult figures more because they know that if they don’t they will be punished.Using this as a way of punishment will make the child respect more than just their parents. “When done right, negative reinforcement teaches the child
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