Essay On The Pros And Cons Of Corporal Punishment

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Con and Pros of Corporal Punishment at home. The cons of “Corporal punishment may negatively affect both the parent and child,leaving with heavy hearts and troubled minds.”(Author unknown. NYLN YOUTH LEADERBLOG. July28,2015. November 14,2017.)Affecting the parents and the child’s relationship can led to a very unhealthy future.Having an unhealthy relationship isn’t good on either the parent or child.When the child is older they might not be around the parent as much.Also the child might end up being derepressed when older from being beat as a child and won’t have a happy life Corporal punishment might not always be effective.It might let the child think that it is okay to hit people when it really isn’t.They might also want to use the ways their parents used to punish when they were younger or even worse.”While there are those who grow up to become responsible and disciplined adults as a result of corporal punishment, there are kids that are not affected with it.”(Author unknown. GREEN GARAGE The ECO…show more content…
Prezi. 16 April 2013. November 15,2017.)Also Corporal punishment can cause serious physical and mental damage.From hitting and spanking the child they can get broken arms,legs,etc which is physical damage.Mental damage they can get all types of disorders like depression and many other disorders.Neither physical or mental damage is good on a child.The more you spank or hit a child the more and more scared they will be of you and you do not want your child to be afraid of their own

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