Essay On The Pros And Cons To African Americans

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Pros: USFG should pay reparations to African Americans
Make up for slavery
About 20 million African Americans were enslaved in America. The Average slave was enslaved for about 45 years of their life. Most of them were born and died a slave. They were beaten, killed, and taken from their families without any laws protecting them. We can’t sit here and do nothing about it.
The U.S. government weren’t the ones who owned slaves. It is true they did nothing about it but could you blame them? said the slavery made up about 65% of the U.S’s economy at the time. America wouldn’t be where it is today if it weren’t for slavery.
Quite the contrary. Many government officials were slave owners. Look at Thomas Jefferson. He had one of the biggest
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People will take them more seriously and not look down on them like people did.
Make up for Jim Crow laws
Jim Crow laws were laws made up just to segregate places and discriminate against African Americans in the U.S.
Make poor people richer
African Americans make up for 27% of the poor people in America. If we gave some of them money, they would become richer, and their would be less people in poverty. It would also make America’s average citizens amount of money increase, it would seem that America is richer than before. (reduces economic gap between social classes).
People would become richer but it’s at the expense of the government becoming poorer. The government will have to take out more loans and have more debt.
Cons: USFG shouldn’t pay reparations to African Americans
Cost America pay they don’t have
As we speak, America’s debt is at 18.2 trillion dollars and rising. If we pay every slave minimum wage for their work, we would have to pay trillions of dollars. That amount of money could build more than one million schools and enough money to build more than 100,000 schools in Africa. That includes money for supplies and
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