Essay On The Purpose Of Life

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In true sense of phrase “Purpose of life” it can be said; the purpose of life is to live”. Resonating with this verse, Dalai Lama adds a word “happy”. So, the complete phase stands as; “the purpose of life is live happily”. Metaphysically, one may argue that “life is without meaning”. However, we bring the meaning to it. The meaning of life is whatever we ascribe it to be. The naturalistic view seems to me a realistic one – “being alive is the meaning”. This is kind of objective sense of the purpose of life. As humanists, we create our purposes in life and then striving to achieve them can, in itself, provide a sense of meaning. This meaning is derived from the good we do such as, relationship building, the quest for intellectual growth, effort for physical and mental development, the satisfaction of productive work, the enjoyment of creative or artistic pursuits, the influence we create within society, and work helping others when needed etc. But the meaning of these achievements are not driven by any outside authority rather we define the meaning of life by ourselves. We can summarize this meaning as, “The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose”. Obviously, this…show more content…
As this question faces so many challenges and obstacles, many people have tried to resolve through religious interpretations.
Yet, many have suggested that the principle aim of life, in most rudimentary form, is to survive to the fullest efficacy possible and to replicate one’s own genetic lineage. However, the meaning of life is open to interpretation in different ways by different scholasticism, ideologies, knowledge, and education of the individual. So, in a more subjective sense the meaning and purpose of life is infinitely open to
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