Essay On The Reform Movement

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Reform Movements in the Period 1825-1850 in American History The period during 1825 and 1850 is considered as a golden period of reform moments in American history. America sought to expand the rights for less privileged people and focused on the better-quality life for them. Americans witnessed an increase in the popularity in the field of economics and politics during the period between 1820 and 1850. The Jacksonian era ushered in the revolution of American culture and American ideals. The major problems that needed to be removed from the society during that period were Drunkenness, ignorance and inequality among the population. There were a racial and gender differences and the women, African Americans and Native Americans were not allowed to participate in political programs. They were often ignored by the politicians of the time and were not provided with any political rights. The reform movements took place starting from 1820 and addressed these as central issues. The reform movements started with the Great Awakening followed by the…show more content…
The women’s slavery movement got awakened with the great awakening. This movement advocated for women’s civil rights and their rights of voting. This reform claimed equal rights to women since it was their democratic rights to be treated equal to men and to be free as men are free ( Source 8). A group of women founded the National Women’s Suffrage association. This group focused on women 's suffrage, their right to property after marriage, and child custody rights. Women’s right movement also provided equal education rights to female. The Seneca Falls Convention of 1848 was the first women’s meeting in American history and included demands for a woman 's right to education, property, a profession, and to vote (Wayne). This convention made a declaration of sentiments which advocated for the resolution and creation of the democratic ideals for
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