Essay On The Relationship Between Personality And Language Learning

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Although the relationship between personality and many other concepts have been investigated in numerous studies, studies on the relationship between personality and learning are quite limited. there is a belief that the relationship between personality and language learning is as a two-way process which they modify each other and there are enough evidences that show personality factors can facilitate learning of second language. (Fazeli, S. H, 2012).
The relationship between personality and second language learning ability, has received some research interest in the last few decades. For second language learners to make maximum progress with their own learning styles, their individual differences must be recognized and attended too. It is proven by a number of theories
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Thus, language and culture are inseparable. When individuals acquire different languages, they also encode different cultural systems associated with using each language. Priming one of their languages may activate the corresponding culture-specific cognitive style and in turn affect the resulting perception and behavior. ( Chen, Benet & Ng, 2014 ). foreign language learners should be taught various cultures as it may help them evaluate stereotypes and understand that stereotypes do not describe the complex nature of a given culture (Keller, 1991, as cited in Piatkowska, 2012).
The language reflects the specificity of the cognitive cultural environment of different peoples and social realities, providing ”labels” in order to memorize and store this information. Every language comprises things that are handed down from one generation to another, and this reflects the way of thinking of a certain people, what they think it is right. (Sterian & Mocanu, 2014).

Personality as an important Individual
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