Huckleberry Finn River Analysis

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In the novel the adventures of huckleberry Finn by mark twain, the River represents peace happiness and freedom while the land represents danger anxiety and corrupt rules. As you follow around young and adventurous huck Finn and mischanced friend Jim the runaway slave, points in the book hint to a deeper meaning to mark Twain’s story. Weather they are floating down the vast Mississippi River or scamming people in remote towns huck and Jim find themselves to relate to the land and water. Jim sees the river as a passageway to his daughter and freedom, and the land as a alien planet full of white folk and witches. juvenile huck sees the land as his home were he feels most comfortable and the river as his getaway train which he rides to…show more content…
From St. Petersburg to the Phelps farm, huck and jim faced challenging encounters off the river. The first example of this would be huck leaving his father. what drove huck to run off in the first place was to get away from his father pap, and his caretaker Miss Watson. Pap is known to a reckless drunk around the town. He decides to show up on huck right when huck was finally in a healthy household, and steals him back. This puts huck in a deadly situation after being locked in a windowless cabin for months with a abuse drunk who tried killing huck. “He chased me round and round the place, with a clasp-knife, calling me the angel of death and saying he would kill me and then I couldn’t come for him no more” Later on in mark Twain’s story huck finds himself among a feud of family where he will take middleman position and launch the family into a gun fight in the forest. during the gun battle huck was nearly shot multiple times and two of the grangerfords to be killed. “All the sudden, bang! bang! bang! … The boys jumped for the river — both of them hurt” The irony in this idea is even miles down south from huck's hometown he still is danger and scared for his life and
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