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The Rohingya crisis, you might have already heard of this issue since it is majorly affecting the world. This crisis is no ordinary migration, it is affecting a wide range of people and yet, there is no solution and it is exacerbating by this moment. The Rohingya are suffering from hunger, lack of shelter, and the act of ethnic cleansing, but are not able to have the freedom they need since no countries are accepting their citizenship and many are still stranded at sea. The Rohingya crisis is a massive exodus that is currently happening and we need a solution for the Rohingya to settle in a region in peace before this crisis gets any worse.
The Rohingya are a Muslim ethnic group living mainly in Myanmar, but Myanmar is denying their citizenship and are restricted from freedom, education, travelling, and are facing
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For example, a well-known claim in Myanmar is that Buddhism is getting threatened by the Muslims in Bangladesh whose population are desiring to move into Myanmar even though there is no threat that exists toward the Rohingya. Since the government gives a big influence to the citizen, they believe their claims and are increasing the hatred towards Muslims. There is also an economical aspect to this issue. Since Rakhine is one of the poorest area in Myanmar which has a poverty rate of 78%, Rakhine are facing inadequate job opportunities and the Rohingya are considered a burden to their economic status because the Rohingya people are seeking for jobs, but all the jobs are dominated by the by the Burmese elites which doesn’t allow this. Overall, the main push factor in this crisis is that there is lack of freedom such as no rights to jobs, education, insurance, etc and that it is no longer safe for the Rohingya to stay in

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