Essay On The Role Of A Leader In The Civil Rights Movement

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As many issues occur in our life, we find many ways to solve them. A common way to fix our problem is having a small or big group of people fighting for what they believe in. It is reasonable that the role of a leader is the most important key in a community. In a community, there are one or multiple leaders. Having a leader is the first basic step to create something powerful. The leaders of the group are responsible for growing their movement. These leaders are the powerhouse of the community because they represent what they are fighting for. Without a leader, the community will be messy and weak. The second important key is to grow your community with supporters. With the supporters, it will be a powerful movement. The people of the group look up to their leaders as hope or motivation. After growing your community, keep fighting for what you believe in until it is accepted by society.
The role of a leader is to make a change in society. Leaders should be good role models and they should be fearless when it comes to a change in society. They
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MLK was a very good leader in the African-American Civil Rights Movement. This movement was made to give rights to the blacks and get rid of segregation. He negotiated with his words and not with violence. This showed that we can work together with words and not use brutal force upon other people. MLK’s generosity influenced many people to help in his movement and soon enough, segregation slowly disperses. He was able to obtain that by the power of his words and the supporters of his movement. MLK was the most important key of the movement because he was able to get many people to see his point of view about the issue happening. This movement was able to achieve this because of how important and powerful the leader was. Although the leader is most credited, the more number of supporters you have, the more chance of obtaining that belief of
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