Essay On The Role Of Media In The Changing World

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The Role and Influence of Mass Media in the Changing World Mass media is an important subject in information dissemination to the different institutions. It is often known to the public as the watchdog of the society and some also considered it as the scapegoat of the problems in the society. We live in an industrial age wherein technologies create certain connections to people across the world. Through the devices such as television, radio, and the computer, information age was made possible. It is everywhere in our changing world towards industrialization and there are more issues added regarding its influence to the society and to the individuals within the society. The information generated by the mass media plays a vital role in the society for new innovative ideas. The conflict view is how the media portrays its roles in providing a link to the different institutions wherein there exist divisions in the society. We have different patterns in coping with the media effects to fit our standards. The aim in this essay is to explore how the media influence us, its role, how media it is used, and how it is generated and link to other institutions. Media in the work of Rodman (2011) refers collectively to the print media…show more content…
Strong parental guidance should be more emphasized in dealing with the minor age group. People can use their literacy skills and acquired knowledge in learning much more about media content to be able to figure out the questions raised and be knowledgeable of their sources. Also, the behavior that people spend more in giving reactions or criticisms instead of trying to find solutions or should be reversed. Media corporations should be more open with how they arrived at the media content or improved in its

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