Essay On The Role Of Women In Populism

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During the period of 1890-1925, the responsibilities of women expanded drastically by the employment of a larger women workforce. Women have been judged constantly, and considered as inferior, over countless years. Women have fought industriously for equality and have proven significantly that women can be, and are equal as men. Even now, the fight of women equality is still continuing. Between 1890-1925, the involvement of women stimulated political and economical involvement. Also, challenging the many stereotypes made about women. Between 1890-1925 political changes, such as the involvement of women of the Populist Party, encouraged women to be more involved. Women involvement also gave people a different outlook on women. The Women’s Christian Temperance Union played a significant role…show more content…
Women began working in factories, especially clothing factories. The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire of 1911 occurred due to unsafe conditions which killed 146 garment workers. The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire of 1911 led to the development of the International Ladies’ Garment Worker’s Union. Overall, the women proved that women are capable to complete physical demanding work also. The assumptions/stereotypes made about women were as if women were maids, powerless, and uneducated people. The nature of women has been judged constantly over the years. Women’s decision such as; the usage of birth control, the decision of abortion, and even women’s right to go to school or work has been judged. During the years of 1890-1925, the men thought of themselves as superior. Men also seen women as inferior to them, physically. Presently, some people still believe that men are superior and more powerful, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Overall, the assumptions made about women was very
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