Essay On The Role Of Women In The Civil War

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Civil War: The Women 's Role Many people were grateful for the contributions of women in the war. Many of the women did serve as nurses to take care of the injured. Women of the North and South volunteered to work as nurses. As soon as the war began many women wanted to become nurses to help. In those days it was considered proper for women to take care of men even if they were strangers. Most women were affected by the war in some way that they worked with many organizations. Some women would just contribute by knitting socks for soldiers to keep their feet warm. Even the older women would contribute their time and donating needed items to local organizations such as churches and nearby hospitals. Younger women were more interested in helping…show more content…
Some women were even spies because men would not suspect a woman to be in such a dangerous job so they would go undetected easily. Women spies gathered information about enemy plans, troop size, and supplies on scraps of paper or even fabric and sew them to blouses, coats or even roll them in their hair. Smuggling goods such as morphine, ammunition, and weapons they would just attach them to their hoop skirts, hide them in baskets, or even in dolls. Some thought they were also great to be spies because of their beauty would leave the soldiers with their guard down. Women spies would often eavesdrop during dinner parties, balls, though friends and connections. They often did not realize the chance for them to commit espionage. Men and women were punished differently for espionage, men would be imprisoned or executed usually by hanging. Women were rarely executed they were usually imprisoned or deported to Canada or to the South. As soldiers caught on to women spies it did become harder and harder for them to cross enemy lines without being searched or apprehended. Many times women soldiers were caught due to their unladylike behavior, women spies would allow men into their homes late at night, arrange meetings with men at different
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