Essay On The Salem Witch Trials

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The consequences of the Salem witch trials were very heavy. The aftermath of the trials laid a burden on the people of Salem. Many people were stuck in jail because they could not pay to get out. Those who were convicted of witchcraft their land was taken often leaving their families poor and homeless. Houses and fields were left unattended during the trials, and crop failure was a result of the neglect. Salems Politics were also affected, the Salem Village committee was replaced with an anti-Parris committee. Parris tried to make peace and save his job but didn't do very well and agreed to leave the town. After the trials many of the townspeople didn't get along with the ones who accused their friends or family. These trials shook the town of Salem, they even changed the name of the town after that to Danvers because of how guilty…show more content…
Some believed that the Puritans were just crazy about religion. Others believed that their was a drug that made them act this way. But it was mass hysteria, these people acted out of fear. One would be accused and others would play along and agree to save themselves. This mass hysteria has happened in other cases in history. For example in 1899 in America everyone was scared of the “kissing bug.” Someone made up a story of someone with a bite on the lips was bite by a bug, and this bug was going to start a new plague. After that anyone with a wound on their face panicked thinking they had the disease. Some people called of work for this “kissing bug” sickness, saying they needed financial aid. One woman even said she felt like it was a vampire bite instead of a bug. As ridiculous as this sounds in sent America into a state of fear. Just as it did to the people of Salem during the trials. There has been many cases of mass hysteria and it still happens today. The Salem witch trials is a warning of what can happen if we panic instead of
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