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The Saturday Boy, An Inspiration To All! According to Common Sense Media, “The Saturday Boy is a deeply felt story of a boy unmoored. Powerful emotions are at play, but author David Fleming uses restraint to great advantage.” Some people may dislike The Saturday Boy because the plot is sad and gloomy, however, the plot contributes to the feeling of the characters and shows that losing someone is not easy. The Saturday Boy is a very inspirational book that teaches the reader to be the bigger person and never give up. The Saturday Boy is really good because of its mood swings. It can go from being really happy to really sad in just a chapter. For example, it goes from Derek getting the lead role in a school play on page 34 and then, on…show more content…
Yes, his father is in the military, however, The Saturday Boy also describes how Derek has to deal with his father’s death and his school life. His school life is not going well because he is losing his old best friend Budgie. Derek and Budgie did everything together, like watch their favorite show “Zeroman” and make secret forts. Yet, Budgie calls him names and makes fun of him. They even got in a fight in the school play. Those are the kinds of contrasts that can really get the reader into the book. For all the readers who do not like military books, they should consider reading this book, because it has more genres than military. The Saturday Boy also makes readers feel they are in the story. The Saturday Boy has many different characters with many different feelings. Those different feelings can make readers get drawn into The Saturday Boy, to the point where they feel like they are in it. For example, Derek must have many different feelings going through his mind when his father died and he lost Budgie at the same time. Just imagine how readers would feel if they were in this scenario. That makes readers feel bad for Derek, and gets them interested, and makes them feel like they are in the story. The Saturday Boy is an inspirational story that all readers will enjoy. Yes, the plot may be sad, but all that does is contribute to the fact that the reader should never give up and always be
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