Essay On The Scarlet Letter Pearl

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Pearl is an Impish child that people believe to be the impish devil’s spawn. She is the sole company of the scarlet letter’s host, her mother Hester. She is the sole company of Hester, who is her mother and the scarlet letter’s host. Both Hester and Pearl are alienated from their community due to Hester’s sin and are treated with hostile when Hester first became an adulterer. But as time passes, the clear line of a sin and respect begin to blur. Hawthorne shows the reader how Hester, who is being consumed by her sin, finds her purpose in her little Pearl. Once Hester was marked, she put her time and energy into helping her community. She would reach out to those in need, only to be “often[ly] reviled” by her attempts to “succor them” (Hawthorne 78). She indulges herself so often in giving aid to those in need that the people eventually change her meaning from being the dirty adulterer to an able person. Her sin had pushed her to do better and, in a way, to prove their thoughts on her wrong. Hester is marked with the scarlet letter for eternity, allowing anyone and everyone to see her sins. While she accepted her fate with a “with a burning blush and… a haughty smile”, the sin continues to stir within her and the feelings of guilt mix with regret constantly flows throughout her being (50). The…show more content…
Her sins have led her to “partly… [have a] lack of demonstration in her manners” (150). Hester had realized that those who were rude to her in her time in need have no need for Hester’s kindness, which eliminates almost the entire village but a few. Pearl had started suffering with Hester from the beginning, the both dealing with the unjustness the Puritans liked to throw at them. Thanks to this, Hester has grown the protective side of her to keep Pearl safe and is often left in wonder by her child’s impish actions. She is now a mother by
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