Essay On The Scottsboro Boys

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Chris Rock, a multi-millionaire American (black) actor, once stated, "Yeah , I love being famous. It 's almost like being white, y 'know?" Even in today 's world no matter how famous or rich a black man is, there will always be hatred and discrimination towards him because of his race. The Scottsboro Boys (The American Tragedy) and To Kill A Mockingbird both represent the brutality and fears of racism. The types of racism that are portrayed in today 's world, the novel and the video are unnecessary killings due to a corrupt court system, bullying (prejudice and social injustice) of the lower class (blacks) and poverty/unemployment (segregation). Brutal and unnecessary killings have caused racism to grow due to a corrupt court …show more content…

Bullying, Prejudice and social injustice are all forms of racism that blinds people from seeing who a person really is (based upon their skin color). Nowadays these forms of racism are used to create an intimidating atmosphere for the people who are affected by it the most. Some of the reactions to this are suicide, murder and the thirst for vengeance. In contrast, many people fall into deep depressions and let a racist comment haunt them forever and change the pathway of their lives. The rights of the Scottsboro Boys were completely ignored and all of the whites in the court stared down each and everyone one of them with absolute hatred and intolerance. The American Tragedy was one of the most unjust and wrongful rulings in all of history and strengthened the hate for blacks even more than what it already was. Also, in To Kill A Mockingbird Mr. Grimer was portrayed as a bully and was constantly being verbally brutal to Tom. Tom was a black man so in other words, he could not defend back physically or rudely in a verbal way because they would have him hanging on a tree in no time (no hope in defending himself). Mr. Grimer 's responses consisted of beating Tom 's head about poverty and social status, so that Tom knew who he was and that he could never change his color (race) no matter how badly he

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