Essay On The Scottsboro Trial And Tom Robinson's Trial

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This essay will be about two injustices the Scottsboro trial and Tom Robinson’s trial. A few similarities are that they were treated unfairly and they were all accused of a repulsive crime, raping a white woman. In the Scottsboro trial though, two women were supposedly raped. Both trials happened in the same time period, while also noting that the women in both trials came from poor backgrounds. Atticus gave his all to his case while the nine young men’s lawyer also tried his best. Overall these innocent men deserved more than what they recieved, an unfair treatment in and out of the courtroom.

Both cases had African American men that were judged by a jury of all white people and because they raped a woman. If they lost this case it meant they would receive the death penalty. This was always going to be an unfair trial. In To kill a Mockingbird it is said that “A jury never looks at a defendant it has convicted,
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In to kill a mockingbird the Maycomb trial was practically a “gala occasion” (pg 173) The scottsboro trial got international recognition. Tom Robinson’s case was only known to his small town. Harper Lee definitely uses facts about the trial when she says that when they announced the verdicts of the guilty, people ran out. Another instance is when she used the example of a group of people trying to get to the boys so that they could harm them. They had the sheriff protecting them. Another piece of evidence is when Harper Lee writes that Mayella did not want to cooperate even though she eventually has to answer Atticus’s question. (pg 205) Victoria from the Scottsboro trial also didn’t want to answer some questions and she was kind of shady like Mayella was. Another strong piece of evidence is that they are both accused of rape in both instances; the difference is that in To Kill a Mockingbird there is only one accused man. Clearly she used this case as the foundation for Tom’s case in her
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