Essay On The Search For Al Capone In The Untouchables

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Searching for Al Capone is the main topic of The Untouchables, but Al is not all that Eliot is looking for. Eliot has continued taking down breweries with the help of his crew and the public. Finally, he has been able to get Capone’s mob to crack and arrested many members including Al for charges against prohibition. After finishing The Untouchables, I started American Gun which goes back before prohibition, even before the Civil War, to find the best guns in America’s history. So far, Chris Kyle has discussed the importance of the American long rifle for sniping in the Revolutionary war, and also the importance of the spencer repeater in the civil war for quicker reloading. In The Untouchables, Eliot has good reason to search for revenge after his crewmembers death and justice because of all the Capone has done. In Chris Kyle’s search for America’s best gun, I will explain why I believe he went on his search for America’s best gun and explain why I think the spencer repeater is the best gun in his search. ` Although the main search in The Untouchables is for Al Capone, I think…show more content…
In the foreword, Chris’s wife says, “Chris felt all of us have a duty to serve those who serve us.”(Kyle and Doyle) I think that writing this book was part of Chris’s duty to serve by informing the public of the importance of guns in America. Chris has mentioned the American long rifle, the spencer repeater, and the colt single-action army revolver. I think the most crucial out of those three is the spencer repeater. It was a big factor in the Civil War because it sped up the process of the war. It was much more modern than all the other guns at that time because of how many bullets it carried and because of how fast it reloaded. You can tell that Chris has put a lot of time and effort into his search for America’s top ten guns, and I would agree with the guns he has put in his top ten list so
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