Essay On The Second Industrial Revolution

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Following the influx of immigrants in the late 1800s, many industries began to seize the opportunities for profit but left the question if the principle of liberty was still upheld. In the 2nd Industrial Revolution, workers suffered low wages, prolonged working hours, and unhealthy conditions. Despite the labor reform movements before the Civil War such as those to purify Lowell Factories, laborers were still reduced in significance against their corporations that only regarded the workers, ready for any job due to having no other choice. However, the growth of unions and strikes shaped the way that industry was going to become for the future. For instance, several workers were overworked often making them incapable of work. This incapability…show more content…
However, people began to grow tired of the way businesses had overstepped its boundaries and riots and mass protests, such as the Great Railroad Strike by migrants who were forcefully doing long hours at low wages, began to show the beginning of a new sense of liberty. As the riots grew in strength across the nation, many businesses began to treat workers better. Under the Erdman Act, interstate railroads were forbidden to discriminate against union members and even in Congress, legislation began to take steps to defining work-related hazards such child labor laws and health precautions making employers liable for accidents than before when it was easy for them to evade suits and not care for their workers. Despite the Industrial Revolution initially taking a toll on the immigrants by putting them in destitute conditions, the establishment of unions and the morals of strikes, showing what the workers had hated and revolted on, called for more general attention to the problems at hand and a continuation of the principle of working liberties that the people were entitled to against an oppressive
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