Essay On The Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World

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People are constantly amazed and astonished by the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. How did people move these heavy structures? How did they reach so high? How did they come up with the material, and how did they make everything so perfect without using modern day tools? These are all questions people typically want to know when discussing the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Unfortunately, only one out of the Seven Wonders remain, The Great Pyramids of Giza, and theories behind the construction of pyramids, and the construction steps and phases of building a pyramid, are still questioned (fig. 1). First, I think it is important to understand why and how pyramids were developed, along with knowing how they evolved throughout…show more content…
The Bent Pyramid was designed to incline inward which helped stabilize the structure . The fourth pyramid, the Red Pyramid, doesn’t have any white limestone on it like previous pyramids. This pyramid actually evolved into the pyramids we think and know of today (fig. 4). The Red Pyramid is just over 300 feet tall topping off the first three in height. The last three pyramids were built with an angle elevation of 52 degrees which is a big jump from the bent style pyramid which was on 43 ½ degrees. The Khufu Pyramid, built for the second king of the 4th dynasty, was well over 400 feet tall. The Khufu Pyramid is the pyramid that has stayed intact the most compared to the other six pyramids. The bottom is square-like and gradually comes to a point at the top. The sixth pyramid is called the Kjafra Pyramid, built for the fourth king of the 4th dynasty. It was actually built on an elevated ground, but with inaccurate alignment, the pyramid couldn’t be as tall as it was intended to be and causes the pyramid to look like it is twisted. The seventh pyramid is called Menkaure, built for the 5th king of the 4th dynasty, which is actually one of the smaller pyramids out of the seven. The evolution of pyramids started as

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