In My Eyes He Ang The Gods Sappho Analysis

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Another influential factor expressed in Sappho’s writing was her sexuality. Disregarding the fact that she was married to a man for a brief period of time, Sappho found a great interest in women (Poetry Foundation). As an illustration, the poem “In My Eyes He Matches the Gods” is enthusiastic towards Sappho’s sexuality. This poem is about a women Sappho sees sitting across the room and with a man. Sappho is envious of said man and states it does not matter who the man is with this women, any guy would be like the gods getting to be with her, hence the name of the poem. This poem appeals well to the senses of the reader as for it goes into a plethora of detail surrounding how this woman makes Sappho feel. For example she states “then all at…show more content…
The Trojan War all started after the abduction of Helen of Troy. Paris received a golden apple and gave it to the most beautiful girl, in exchange for a gift. Paris then gave the apple to Aphrodite in exchange for the most beautiful wife. That most beautiful women was Helen of Troy. Once Helen was kidnapped, both sides were in disapprobation and then the Trojan War began (Trojan War - Ancient History - Sappho incorporated the Trojan War into her writing, for example, “Some Say Thronging Cavalry”. It begins by explaining how some people would say all the troops and cavalry in the Trojan War are beautiful and amazing. In addition, She is stating how Helen essentially started the war with her face. She then says all of this reminds her of this girl Anactoria and how she wishes she could see her and states the most beautiful thing is what you love and in that case, it is Anactoria (Sappho 245). Supplementarily, Aphrodite appeared to be the subject of several of Sappho's poems as well. For instance, Sappho wrote a hymn to Aphrodite asking for aid in her love life. Aphrodite being the god of love, fertility, and beauty, Sappho is asking her to help this man fall in love with her because she wishes the man would fall in love with her as well. Sappho is confident since Aphrodite made Helen of Troy fall in love with Paris, Aphrodite could do the same generous wish for her. Sappho used her knowledge and experience from the Trojan War in her writings in such ways that recognize her as the esteemed poet she is known to
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