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The successful people in life are the ones that do what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do. In “The Significance of Grit”, Angela Lee Duckworth digs deep into the correlation of grit and success. Grit involves working strenuously towards challenges, maintaining effort, and enthusiasm regardless of failure. To be GRITTY is to approach achievement as a marathon, to have the attitude of excellence, to have courage in what you do; These are all traits that WILL lead to success. Angela Duckworth’s argument relates to that of Carol S. Dweck’s, in “Brainology”. Dweck explains how “fixed mindsets” and “growth mindsets” create different psychological worlds that dictate success and failure. Grit is essential in order to take yourself out of a “fixed mindset”, unfortunately, I learned that the hard way.
It wasn’t too long ago to where I found out that I’ve had a fixed mindset all throughout school. I’ve always thought of “intelligence as something that is fixed” and something that requires too much effort. “This is a potentially crippling belief, not only in school but also in life” says Dweck. From the beginning to the end of high school, my fixed mindset had a huge setback on my motivation to learn and become who I am today. Growing up in
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“It’s not whether you fall down, its weather you get up”. In “Brainology”, Carol S. Dweck corresponds that with “fixed and growth mindsets”. I believe that if you have a fixed mindset, reading “The Significance of Grit” by Angela Lee Duckworth is a great start to developing a growth mindset. Success isn’t handed to anyone; Even Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan had to work hard. Their Growth mindsets and grit have brought them to be the two best basketball players to ever live. Having these two important qualities has affected me in nothing but positive ways and is a paramount to having educational success. I now see failures as learning opportunities and approach

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