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Ponyboy’s vs the Socs The fiction book the,”The Outsiders,” by S.E. Hilton tells the reader about the ongoing fighting between the west side and the east side in Tulsa Oklahoma in 1965. Hilton writes about a young greaser or east sider and his family fight against the Socs or West siders. In the novel you see ponyboy’s view of the Socs and how it evolves from the beginning of the book to the end. In the beginning the book ponyboy grows up hating the Socs. The Socs have have all the power and money and ponyboy hates them for this and also hates them because they are always picking on and fighting greasers. They do this because they think that they they’re better than the greasers. He hates them even more after he gets jumped.“I fought to get …show more content…

One night Ponyboy goes out with his buddies Johnny and Dally were they sneak into a drive in movie, where they see 2 girls. Ponyboy starts talking to one of the girls cherry who tells him”things are rough all over.”(35) Ponyboy doesn't believe this though because he thinks money can solve all their problems. Cherry was trying to tell ponyboy that everyone has problems even ones he has never heard of before. This didn't make sense to Ponyboy yet. After running from the police when johnny stabbed Bob a soc they find themselves in an abandoned church. When Ponyboy returns to society after being in the hospital. He finds himself meeting with Randy, Bob's best friend. Pony is suppried when Randy tells him that he's sorry for Pony and how Bob's parents never gave him limits. This changes Pony’s belief that all socs were evil because”Randy was too cool to feel anything yet there was pain in his eyes.”(116)Pony continues to hate the socs but this changes his view on the socs and reminds him they're human too. In the end Ponyboy asks cherry,”you see the sunset real good from the west side.”(130) This means that he understands everyone is human and has problem that even money and power can't

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