Essay On The Spirit Catches You And You Fall Down

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The topic of birth is an interesting one and is explicitly found in the book, The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down. There was a vivid difference between the Hmong traditional practices and the way Lia was born. It is to each and every ones own opinion to think and have a take on the differing birth practices. I find them to be odd, and extremely unorthodox especially in modern times however going back less than a hundred years, talking to my great grandmother, that is the way people gave birth. At home, wherever they were, they would work until the day they gave birth and the had to take the baby out themselves, wash it and cut the cord. I personally just think the times have changed. We are accustomed to sterility, to cleanliness, to all these wonderful things but don’t realize that people back then lived just as healthy if not healthier then now. It is normal, to give birth like that, and I will not deny that it is much safer and that some cases would not be…show more content…
She was born in a hospital at MCMC in California. The placenta from the child was destroyed and properly disposed because medical professionals were oftenly scared, that what would happen with the placenta would not be good. Some people said they ate them and this could only cause the spread of disease which is certainly not needed. After a long wait her man Birth was given on a table, with sterile utensils with all her family members by her side, the baby was born healthy and was taken to the nursery with all the other children. She was given vitamins and drips of silvernitrate in her eyes and washed with soap and water. Lias birthday was recorded concrete unlike the Hmong practices where the only thing recorded was the season. After birth she ate normally like all people and drank ice cold water which was fround upon in hmong practices for it was believed to clog up the wound. We see that lias birth most vividly portrayed a modern birth
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