Essay On The Spread Of Islam

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The Spread of Islam

It all began in 570 C.E., when a young boy named Muhammad was born in the city of Mecca. Without this man, the Islamic faith would have never been born. In 610 C.E., Muhammad was visited by an angel. As he prayed, Gabriel revealed that he was the prophet, or messenger of God. This led to Muhammad spreading God’s word and developing the Islamic messages, spreading the faith of Islam far and wide. The quick spread of the Islamic faith is due to three main reasons: military conquest, trade, and the appeal of the messages of Islam.

Perhaps the first major reason for the swift spread of Islam was raids followed by military conquests. During the Islamic faiths birth, military campaigns were launched by Muslims on the surrounding lands. As shown on a map depicting the spread of Islam, military campaigns launched by Muslims are shown throughout the map. The Muslim military captured lands such as Tangler, Tripoll, Aswan, and many more places throughout the land (Document C). While capturing land, Muslims were also spreading their religion to the people of the land. The people may have been interested in the military’s religion
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For example, military campaigns contributed to the spread of Islam because while Muslims captured new land, they spread their religion at the same time. Another way Islam spread was through trade and trade routes in Mecca. As people traded and traveled through Mecca, they picked up on the Islamic religion and spread it to the lands they were traveling to. Lastly, people were attracted to the Islamic messages, which also contributed to the spread of Islam. Although a power vacuum in the region might explain some of it, Islam’s quick spread had three main causes: military conquest of new lands, bringing the Islamic faith with them. Additionally, trade and the appeal of the message of Islam also assisted in the quick spread of

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