Essay On The Stamp Act Of 1765

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Downtown in New York City, The Common is located south of City Hall Park, some people might know the history from the 1700s. When the British created the Stamp Act in 1765 people began to protest at the Commons to get it repealed. One year after the Act was placed the Sons of Liberty built the “liberty pole” as a sign of freedom and independence. In 1765, colonists began to rebel because they disagreed with the Act. The Commons was the location where George Washington read the Declaration of Independence to the people in front of City Hall. In 1766, Americans were in search for independence and form their own government. Today, the Commons is known as City Hall Park that holds many status and plaques from the colonial era and beyond. In 1765, colonists began to protest in the towns to remove the Stamp Act because colonists believed that they should have a consent to agree to these laws. The British Parliament placed specific acts on the colonists in order to gain more revenue. The Stamp Act placed taxes on any use of paper whether it was a letter, newspaper, book, or a playing cards, colonists had to pay taxes based on their use. According to the Stamp Act Riot To-Do List, “Threatening destruction to the town, more particularly to the…show more content…
After the Act was revoked people didn’t trust the British anymore.According to the Historical Background- from the Stamp Act to the Revolution colonists didn’t trust the British anymore and started to boycott their goods. This resulted in a decrease in the economy because there was no flow of trade within the colonies. There were protests throughout the colonies and people started to destroy personal property. People threatened the government by saying they were going to destroy the town. Furthermore, colonists began to steal their items because they needed their goods resulting in more
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