Essay On The Status Quo In The Dollar Woman

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Most people know that the only way to create substantial change is by taking action but only rarely do people follow through. The individuals in society who take their words and make them into actions are the individuals who challenge the status quo. There are many individuals who work their hardest day after day to accomplish changing the status quo for the better of society. The stories The Dollar Woman, The Boat, and Still Me Inside have excellent demonstrations of Individuals challenging the status quo. A status quo that has been put in place for many years can be problematic and foreign to change. In the play Dollar woman by Alden Nowlan and Walter Learning Lewis white is a kind generous man who demonstrates his efforts to challenge…show more content…
The father was married into the traditions of his wife. These traditions consisted of the men in the family constantly working on the family boat as a way of creating revenue.The boat and the traditions held the dad and other members of the family back from an improved future. The dad had to take actions into his own hands in order to insure a future for his son.The text is essential to helping us understand this sacrifice the father made. An example from the text is when the son says to the dad "So I told him one night very resolutely and very powerfully that I would remain with him as long as he lived and we would fish the sea together" the father then replied saying "I hope you will remember what you've said."(pg.11 Alistair MacLeod) That statement is important as the story draws to an end because in order to ensure a fulfilled future for his son the dad had to die as is shown in the last paragraph, "but neither is it easy to know that your father was found on November twenty-eighth ten miles to the north and wedged between two boulders at the base of the rock stern cliffs where he had been hurdled and slammed so many many times."(pg.12 Alistair MacLeod) The father took the ultimate sacrifice of death in order to change the status quo for his

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