Essay On The Stolen Party By Liliana Heker

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How are people destroying people’s lives? Today, many people will discriminate others because of the way they look the way they are. Also because the way they talk people say you need to change, but you can’t because it’s a part of you that makes you that way. The way people discriminated it’s by telling them you look like an ¨immigrant¨. another thing they say is you're weird learn how to act properly. Also the way a person talks if they have accents and someone might keep saying I understand you, speak clearly. This can affect others because they start feeling like if they are not enough and that they should change the way they are and also their cultured too. Another impact is that they might commit suicide so they do not get discriminated any more. This is the reason why we should accept people, no matter their race or how they look, therefore, people tend to commit suicide in situation in situations they should not because many people ignorances does not…show more content…
In the short story “The Stolen Party” by Liliana Heker demonstrates how lack of true friendship is a reason why people should accept others who are different from others .An example of lack of friendship in the story ”The stolen party” is when Luciana's mother set to her “you really, truly earned “.then she also set” she said handing them over. Thank you for all your help, my pet”(pg5).This evidence reveals that all though she help they still treat her like a pet. Another thing that it reveals its that they don’t see her as a friend because she’s a lower class in society and they don’t accept them. Also, because even though their lower class they can still be good at something and they might get a scholarship to one of the best universities there is in the area they live and the other won’t like that because they're still going to still think the same thing that their own race superior then others just because of their money or social
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