Essay On The Stonewall Riot

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This was a significant moment in our history, a time in which we have somewhat overcome. We have made extreme progress now since the 60s, making it more acceptable for homosexuals to live their lives in peace. Although, it has not been one hundred percent successful. Times have changed and it is no longer considered a dark age for homosexuals like it was back in the 60s. Homosexuals are sometimes still targeted, but more now by individuals rather than big groups of people and government officials. Seeing how the police targeted the gay club was disturbing and outrageous. Police targeting groups of people who they do not agree with lifestyle is something that should be stopped and not allowed. Watching this documentary was very eye opening and interesting. One thing that stuck out to me the most was that in 1969, homosexual acts were…show more content…
I consider this a social movement because this was a group of people that came together to try and make change. Homosexuals at this point have now had enough of the outrage from outsiders on their lifestyle and getting backlash for living life how they decide to live. As stated in the documentary “we ran from them before but this time they (police) ran from us.” Everyone took their own action as a group and stood up for themselves and what they felt was right. They were tired of being picked on and “oppressed” as one of the men who spoke in the documentary stated. Although this may have caused some havoc it was not meant to be out of control but to help change the views and show that homosexuals will not continue to be targeted for their sexual orientation. There is a point in time when a group can no longer take the constant criticism of others based off of their own lifestyle choices and decide to take action on their own, and this is exactly what the stonewall riot was about, if no one could help them then they would all have to come together to help
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