Essay On The Story Of A Short Story

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Once upon a time there live two girls called Rita and her little sister Rose in a village called Accra in the Eastern Region. Everyday, when their parents had gone to their work places, they will go the woods in search of fruits and into the river side also for fishes. One day when they were going to their usual places after school, they saw a grown up man; the man called them come little children with a friendly face, so they went to the man, how are your parents? the man asked; as if the man knew their parents; oh! Children I can see you are hungry come for some toffees, the man called them in his car, he tricked them, immediately the man blew some powdered substance on them, they fell asleep ;he tied them up and put some rags in their mouth and drove off with top speed into a thick forest far away from their village he picked them. On reaching into the thick forest, he pulled them from the car and tired them up again this time into a big tree in the middle of the thick forest. The man gave them food and water, but the children refused to eat and drink. They knew their only hope was to pray for God to save them, from the hands of this wicked man. The children tried in their strength to untied themselves in e absence of the man but no avail. Their parents went to the Chief in the village and told him they can 't find their two children, they had searched everywhere to find them, but were nowhere to be found in their village and the next two villages, so they have come
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