Essay On The Supernatural In Shakespeare's Richard III

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The famous play Richard III contains many supernatural events. Curses are made on to several people as a retaliation for what was done to them. The dreams include ghosts or supernatural beings. All of these have deeper meanings behind them, and if a person thinks a little harder the play can be more intriguing. In Richard III by William Shakespeare, There are many examples of dreams, curses, and supernatural creatures. One of the dreams that occur is Clarence’s dream. In this nightmare, he is in the tower where Richard has put him. He escapes from the tower and is on a boat with Richard. It seems as though Richard is falling of the boat and on the way down he knocks Clarence of as well. Clarence falls through the ocean and on his way down sees, “a thousand fearful wrecks; Ten thousand…show more content…
The ghost speak to him of all the wrongs he has done. Each of these ghosts condemn him saying, “Despair and die!” (Shakespeare, 98). This frightens Richard and he is not focused for the battle the next day. These ghost make him think about the bad things he has done, and it shows a weaker side of him. The ghosts talk to Richmond and encourage him. This is somewhat of a foreshadow showing that Richard is weaker and may get beat in the battle tomorrow by Richmond.
Next, some of the Women of Richard III are very good at doing curses. Queen Margaret’s curses are the best of all. She knows how to word them and they always seem to work. When Elizabeth asks her for help she tells her to “Compare dead happiness with living woe; Think that thy babes were fairer than they were, and he that slew them fouler than he is: Bettering thy loss makes the bad causer worse: Revolving this will teach thee how to curse.” (Shakespeare, 79). Margaret has no power anymore, so she uses her curses to gain control. When someone has wronged her she uses the curses as
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