Essay On The Tea Party Movement

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The tea party movement has heavily shaped the policy outcomes and election outcome over the past 6 or seven years when it was started in 2009 following president Obamas election. I am interested in unearthing the reason this movement has happened and further how they can negatively impact the Republican Party. Although the movement may be beneficial in some areas I believe that it has collectively splintered the Republican Party regressing any party progress and derailing its common interests. The tea party movement which is made up of many small conservative groups that have the most emphasis on fiscal issues aside of other major issues that conservative groups rally around. In its infancy back in 2009 the tea party quickly became a reckoning power when it spearheaded young politicians like…show more content…
As the Republican Party struggles to find common ground among its caucus and keep president Obamas political agenda at bay the tea party has made that reality impossible. At first the movement was refreshing to some angered republican voters but as time passed the tea party rhetoric has destroyed any confidence among supports of the GOP. Further I want to be able to understand the overall consensus of the Tea Party movement among republican voters and beyond. In what ways has their existence benefited the Republican Party the most if at all? Additionally in what instance have they had the biggest impact on elections within the party from congressional elections all the way to the defeat of Mitt Romney in 2012? Some sources have made the point that while the movement has seen huge gains in support and its impact within government that they have observed some recession in their progress. Has the tea party movement been on a downtrend in the past 2 years while the impact that may hold has receded? Finally will their impacts soon be a thing of the past or will their gains continue to shape our political
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