Essay On The Teacher's Role In The Learner Centred Teacher

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“The Teacher’s Role, Student’s Role, Content Organisation, Delivery and Assessment in the Learner - Centred Teaching”.
Learner-centered teaching is a teaching approach that is increasingly popular and encouraged in higher education. This approach is through active learning, variety and different types of methods that shift the traditional role of the instructors from givers of information to facilitating students learning. The learning responsibilities shift from the instructors to the students. The instructors create learning environments that motivate students to accept responsibility for learning. In this approach students are at the center of learning. The power in the classroom shifts to the student. The focus is on the student as learner, on improving student learning and success, rather than on the transmission of information by the instructors. The students assume the responsibility of learning while the instructor is responsible
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Teachers decide what students should learn, how they learn it, the pace they learn, and other conditions under which they learn. Students are not in a position to decide in the learning. So, when teachers make all the decisions, the motivation to learn in students decrease and learners become very dependent and no initiative in their learning. However, in Learner-centered approach teachers search out ethically responsible ways to share power with students. Teachers give students some choices about which assignments to select and deadline to complete, collaborate and develop course policies and procedures. Students are given some control over the learning process. Teachers also encourage students to take part and collaborate in making classroom policies. In this manner, students feel the sense of empowerment from the teachers and this help to increase their self actualisation in achieving the learning

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