Essay On The Three Parties In The Great Gatsby

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Leslie Zuniga Broderick 11-4 April 21, 2017 The American Dream in The Great Gatsby During all three parties in The Great Gatsby, we see one thing in common, that is, the American Dream. The American Dream is a thought many Americans have of a “perfect” life, it means a life full of happiness, joy, peacefulness, and pleasantness. It means having the perfect house, good jobs for both husband and wife, two kids, money to do many things such as travel the world as a family, a good marriage. The American Dream for many means that it can be achieved by anyone in the United States, it can be achieved by hard work, dedication and being successful. To me, it’s a dream we all wish to accomplish, but it’s far from easy, it takes hard work, education, success. One way all three parties represent the American Dream is for example, Gatsby’s, big parties, they all were planned to get Daisy's attention, the love of his life, the twist here though is that Daisy was already married to Tom, she lost hope for Gatsby…show more content…
For example, the reason Gatsby threw all his parties were to get the attention of the love of his life and form a life with her, to Gatsby, a green light mentioned in the book meant hope, the hope and dream to have the one and only girl he wants in his life. Also, in a party taken place at Daisy and Tom’s, by the quote I used, it is easy to understand how big and fancy their house looked, the house every one of us dreamed of. We see the same at Gatsby’s party, his house is described as big, luxurious, pools, and very often parties, all the parties connect with the American Dream. We also know that Tom and Gatsby were both wealthy, for one, Gatsby did attend to Oxford. It also represents the American Dream because, the parties took place at Gatsby’s, and Gatsby lived in West Egg where most wealthy people lived. The parties and the scenes in the movie both represent the American Dream in many
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