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The benefits of the U.S. tourism industry go beyond the value provided to foreign travelers. The tourism industry produces the following benefits.
It stimulates the economy. In 2009, foreign travelers spent about $100 billion in the United States. Foreign tourists often spend three times that of domestic travelers — an extraordinary investment in the U.S. economy. While the tourism industry has suffered in today’s rough economic climate, additional taxes, such as the one proposed under the Travel Promotion Act, threaten to exacerbate the challenges faced by the industry. The Travel Promotion Act of
2009 imposes a $10 fee on visitors coming from visa waiver countries. The money would be used to create marketing campaigns to help bring visitors
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Research by VisitBritain concludes that this growth means that tourism-related employment now accounts for 3.1m jobs in the UK – this is almost 10% of the entire UK workforce.
It is therefore no exaggeration to say that tourism has been at the forefront of the UK’s economic recovery since the start of the Global Financial
Crisis in 2008. What’s more, the growth created by the tourism industry has provided the UK economy with other employment-related benefits.
Firstly, the growth and employment that has been generated by tourism has been spread widely across all regions. There is now only one region in the UK where tourism-related employment provides less than 100,000 jobs, while almost half the regions have over 200,000 people working in the industry.
Secondly, tourism-related employment is demonstrably better than other industries at providing employment for groups that have been the most affected by the recession. For example, while the UK unemployment rate is currently 7.2%, the youth unemployment rate stands at almost 20%.
Yet, while other industries have just 19% of their staff under the age of 30, almost 40% of the staff in tourism businesses are under

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