Treaty Of Versailles Essay

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On 28 June 1919, the countries involved in World War I gathered at Versailles Palace, to sigh the treaty which was a symbol of the end of World War I. This treaty is known as Treaty of Versailles. The treaty changed the world pattern, caused conflicts and controversies among victorious countries, and displeased the Germans, contributing to the occur of a more destructive world war - World War Ⅱ. The original goal of signing the treaty is to keep the peace, but every country pursued its own national interests, so, unfortunately, it failed quickly. The treaty is like a blasting fuse, causing a much bigger disaster for people all over the world.

The Treaty of Versailles changed the world pattern and nation status, causing the world disorder.
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During the negotiation, some countries like France were pressing for strict terms to restrict the power of Germany. The treaty of Versailles presented that Germany had to concede territories to Belgium, Czechoslovakia, and Poland. And all German overseas colonies became League of Nation Mandates, and the city of Danzig was not under the control of Germany any more. And some colonies that was grabbed from France as conquest returned back to France. Germany could not maintain any air force. And the country need to pay all the reparations. What virtually angered Germans was that they were forced to admit the completely responsibility for starting the World War I. They need to endure all the blame for the guilt. People in Germany were outraged. They did not believe that they should be treated inhumanely. They thought it was unfair to be responsible for the all stuff. The anger mood accumulated, many uprisings arose continuously. Adolf Hitler seized the opportunity to fix the demand of the public about emergence of a nation. He gained the public support by propaganda and refusing the terms mentioned in the Treaty of Versailles. He gave citizens a sense of confidence to rebuild their nation. However, these things facilitated the rising of Hitler’s power on the right. Hitler used them to start ultranationalism, which brought about the beginning of World War
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