Essay On The White Man's Burden

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Source Analysis Assignment Source #1 - Source #1 is portraying an advertisement about “Pearl’s Soap.” The source is also referring to the poem “The White Man’s Burden.” by Rudyard Kipling. The poem was about the duty/burden of the white man to teach the indigenous people about western values and beliefs. The objective of the advertisement is convincing Europeans about lightening the White man’s burden through “teachings the virtues of cleanliness.” In other words, it means that the Europeans should teach the entire world of their beliefs, values, lifestyle, language etc. The way of European thinking was mostly shaped upon ethnocentrism (Belief of superiority in one’s ethnic group). Europeans trying to teach their ideas to the rest of their…show more content…
The speech was addressed in 2004. The text describes the effects of colonization on present day Africa; how colonization devastated the social, economic and mental effect on the African people. The economic factor was seriously affected during and after the colonization of Africa. European Imperialist’s main goal in colonizing Africa was for raw resources. During the imperial period, Africa lost 60% to 70% of their resources. When the Europeans left, little to none resources were left for the new independent African countries. In the present day, the economic role of African countries in the world is very minimal because of their lack of resources and services. The concept of Social Darwinism (It is the concept of “the fittest survives”) played a very important role during the colonization. “African countries were forced to grow according to the whims and preferences of their colonial master.” This meant that the Europeans were superior over the Africans; this enabled them to easily conquer huge areas of land. Due to fact that almost all of Africa was colonized, millions of people were displaced from their homes. When European imperialist came to settle on African land, the indigenous people were forced to leave their land. Some people as slaves were shipped to other
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