Essay On The Winds That Changed The Revolutionary War

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The Winds that Changed the Revolutionary War The American Revolutionary War was a war between Britain and the 13 colonies (British colonies) in northern America. According to American Military History volume 1 the war had its roots in the Seven Year’s War (1753-1762) a war between the major European power at the time and was essentially a world war. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, Seven Years’ War European history the war fought around the globe included the colonial area controlled by the larger European powers. In North America, Great Britain and France fought for control of the continent, each have established colonies on the continent. The waring between the two led to the French and Indian Wars (1754-1763) which involved the…show more content…
It struck on the most venerable areas, logistics the Achilles hill of the British military in America. As stated, the voyage to America was three months one way for logistics, troops, and correspondence if all things were favorable. The American also had their issues throughout the war since they had no standing army or navy. Some of the same issues that plagued the British effected the Colonials issues like logistics and the need for foreign intervention. However, history neglects the effects of hurricanes on the British effort although it greatly challenged the efficiency of the logistics trains and thus the British war effort. The hurricanes devastated the logistics holding centers the British had on the islands off the American coast as evidenced by the great hurricane of 1780. It is interesting to note that General Cornwallis surrendered in 1781, the year after the great hurricane and he often used coastal ship to supply his army in the field. The hurricane season of 1870 had a devastating effect on British military efforts. During the revolutionary war these series of hurricanes contributed to the defeat of British forces particularly the 1780 hurricane
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