Essay On The Witches In Macbeth

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In the story of Macbeth, the actuality of there being witches has been a debated question. Although Macbeth “sees” these evil beings he is just seeing them due to his state of mental health. It is due to his poor mental state of being that Macbeth conjures up these witches in his own mind. This is significant because these witches symbolize the dark and demented side of Macbeth’s being.

Macbeth was an incredible warrior with multiple achievements belonging to his name. Macbeth was known to enjoy the brutality of war from the bloodshed to killing his foes. Even his captain was dumbfounded by how vicious Macbeth was on the battlefield. The captain described how bloodthirsty Macbeth was when he said, “Except they meant to bathe in
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This could be just reasoning as to why he made the hallucinations he listened to be witches. Witches are known to be unhuman evil spirits that do the bidding of Satan and all dark. It adds to the effect of Macbeth being such a corrupt being when the witches even say that “something wicked this way comes” (4.1.45). This is incredible because to have these figments of his imagination to say that he is dark shows how corrupt Macbeth had become. The murders that Macbeth committed not only showed his brutality and ruthlessness but it also showed how twisted is soul is. These murders indicate the darkness of Macbeth because he not only kills the king, but he kills those who love and respect him. It could also be because of how selfish and corrupt Macbeth became from the thirst of power that could never be quenched. Once becoming the Thane of Cawdor, Macbeth enjoyed having a title to his name. Sadly, this title was not enough for him so Macbeth’s imagination had the “witches” prophecy be that Macbeth would become the Thane of Cawdor (which he already knew) and a king. The prophecy was an escape route for the little bit of good that he had within him so that the murder of King Duncan would be justifiable because the witches said that he would. All of these sick and demented thoughts drove Macbeth to kill all of those people but there is also another layer on the downfall of
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