Essay On The Yellow Wallflower

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A Feminist Critique Feminine criticism is an aspect of gender criticism. Gender criticism “examines how sexual identity influences the creation, interpretation, and evaluation of literary works.” “The Yellow Wallflower” is a feminist critique of gender in society. In this story in particular, it is demonstrated through symbols. The wallpaper is one symbol that was used. “I kept still and watched the moonlight on that undulating wallpaper till I felt creepy… the faint figure behind seemed to shake the paper, just as if she wanted to get out” (Gilman). I think that the wallpaper is a symbol of the narratos life. It represents the independent role of the narrator – she slowly breaks away from her role as a wife, and she realizes she no longer needs to be trapped. No one needs to make decisions for her. Writing is a symbol in and of itself as well. Writing is a symbol of the independent female side of the narrator. She is able to express herself, her thoughts and her emotions freely, which makes her an independent woman. Katherine Anne Porter 's book, “The Jilting of Granny Weatherall," provides with knowledge of the research work based on the understanding of female sexuality while giving explanations as to why other feminists failed to adopt her literature for their cause. Porter health was not that fine and it is believed to have…show more content…
This story reveals a strong relationship with heritage in that there is a strong link between feminity and ethnicity evident through the way chooses to define herself by embracing ancestral African background and later renames herself. She argues that feminity has a lot to do someone’s identity. From a feminist perspective, there is some conflict between women which is brought up by their different social classes. Dee represents a higher social class than her momma and Maggie. It also reveals the importance and the role of women in the
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