Essay On The Zoot Suit Riots

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In summary, Chicanos have been through awful and numerous events in order to fights for their rights. Specifically, these events, the Zoot Suit Riots have been called “the worst mob violence in Los Angeles history”. The Zoot Suit Crowd was just trying to have a good time and were dressing to demonstrate their individuality and to put themselves in a certain status in the community. After, what the Zoot Riots showed the world was how the Zoot culture was perceived by everyone and the tension it provoked by living in a multicultural and multiethnic metropolis like Los Angeles. These riots were not only about freedom, antiracism and segregation, but also to show how youth culture movements were controlled and undertake by the government;…show more content…
To put it differently, riots accomplish being respected and not segregated by race or color, even though they were violent, pachucos thought that was the only way to accomplish something that big, but Chicanos have gone through other problems which also contributed to what we know as Chicano Society today. All these aspects in Chicano society wouldn’t have been accomplished if it wasn’t for every Chicano who fought for what they stood for in several times along history. Also, the fact that universities accepted to have a major in Chicano Studies opens doors for many more people with Chicano ancestry. Additionally, this served a bigger agenda, which is that many people in the United States are not aware of the events that Chicanos went through or maybe if they are Chicano descendants; therefore, people can know acknowledge and be proud of their cultural roots. In a final analysis, riots helped Chicanos not to be segregated, but with a bigger consequence, to have the society they have right now and to hopefully keep it and respected in that way that it is
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