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• History of the theatre 2: Through theatre history 1, I have learned so much about how different parts of the world have developed theatre. I really want to expand my knowledge about how western theatre came to be while also addressing what different cultures and theories do with theatre. Dr. Dail does an amazing job of adding in both of those aspects, as well as so much more. I’ve been learning in Theatre History 1 and want to continue to learn more. I believe for anyone that wants to be a well-rounded theatre artist it is important to know how theatre has changed over time and throughout different periods. To be able to change and manipulate theatre it is helpful to see and be inspired by what others have done before me.
• Dramatic lit.
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I think life and theatre should be completely accessible to all, though that’s a huge thought the more people who know ASL the more accessibility grows. Also, ASL is such a beautiful language, I’d love to expand my knowledge on this. I really want to learn ASL, I took ASL one so this seems like the logical next step.
• Human Sexuality: To be honest the main reason I want to take this class is it will be my final class in my ICC and I want to get that done. But also I was drawn to this class in particular because I never really received education on human sexuality. Most of what I know comes from self-research so I’d really like to actually get this education.
• Body/Mind Dynamics: I’ve always been really interested in different theories of acting and ways to do theatre. Though I have had a little training in different techniques, I have never had extensive training. As a director, I believe all these theories are useful to learn so that I can have as many options of working as possible. Also in the theatre world, it will be helpful to know these so when other artists talk about how they were trained and other uses of style I can fully understand that. Side note, I did a rasabox workshop in high school and I thought it was such an amazing tool. When I found out that Paula Cole invented it, I freaked out in excitement so I’d love to learn from her about this
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