Essay On Theology Of Healing

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Theology of Healing
Purpose Statement

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the theology of healing and what are the component to good health and what God has control over. Theology of Healing is not just focus on the physical body only, but as well as the spiritual, mentality, and overall wellness of people in relations to God. It is important because a person health is determine by God and by their own personal actions can help shape their healing process. This essay will go through these topics: health and healing, salvation, stories of individual in the Bible, spiritual gifts, and Jesus’ ministry.

1. Health and Healing
1.1 Definition of Health and Healing

Health can be seen as the state of being in which it encompass: mind, body, spirit, relationship, emotion, finances, connection to the created earth –are congruent with God’s intended purposes. Inhibitions to optimum health include consequences of one’s own choices and behavior, the impact of others, and the sinful broken world that will cause health illness. All healing comes from God and there are different ways of healing. Healing can come from prayer, proper nutrition, exercise, counseling, devotional reading, medication, Bible study, preaching,
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1:3-6). The limitation also serve to further God’s work in developing spiritual maturity. The only way to gain spiritual maturity is to go through difficult life events and learn from them. In James 5, there is a section that mentions that the prayer of faith might make the person well if God would allow it. Just before this section, it was about being patience in suffering. Suffering is a crucial part of life and it remains part of the individual memory. There is a relationship between healing and suffering that they are paradoxical companions, not mutually exclusive
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