Essay On Therapeutic Cloning

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What if therapeutic cloning gets in the wrong hands of people and become another Hitler. Therapeutic cloning should be approved and funded using tax payer money because it benefits many Americans. Therapeutic cloning un-values the use of embryonic stem cells to regenerate lost cells, therefore helping with limb replacement, new spinal cords for paraplegics, and curing cancer. Cloning can be both good and bad, only if people really want to use it for good will. Americans tend to believe that therapeutic cloning could have positive effects on damaged tissues and organs. David Holcberg, author of “Therapeutic cloning is Pro-Life”, claims that the benefits include “healthy skin”, and “spinal cords for paraplegics.” Holcberg is indicating therapeutic cloning is advantageous for patients with loss of skin like fire victims. In the short film, “Eyes of Nye: Cloning”, by PGS, Bill Nye addresses the idea of repairing spinal cord injury through a study done on a rat. The rat was able to regain his mobility of embryonic stem cells into its…show more content…
Americans find cloning an issue for religious and natural beliefs. Catholic people believe it is a sin to mess with God’s creations, and non-religious people feel that it is against our human nature to create life in a unnatural way. By creating life in a lab or some other environment where life is not usually made, angers many Americans. Religious people specifically hate the idea of messing with anything that is considered as God 's creation. Even if it is “wrong” to create life in a lab, religious people and people who are against Therapeutic cloning need to see the benefits of it. Overall, therapeutic cloning should be funded in the United States. It can be very beneficial if we use it to our advantage. This can resolve issues for people who lost limbs in combat or repair a spine. It would make the lives of many Americans much
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