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I have always been interested in the Buddha art, but I didn’t know anything of what it sits behind that beautiful sculpture, that is why I chose for my site visit report the Wat Buddhrangsi a Theravada Buddhist Temple. Theravada is one of the three major sects of the Buddhism, it is the called the doctrine of the elders. It claims to be the most accurate to the Buddha beliefs origins, they rely on the Pali Canon text while the other sect of Buddhism rejects the idea of using religious literature. The Pali Canon instructs Buddhists to practice the correct form of thinking, speaking, acting, earning a livelihood, concentrating, effort, mindfulness and view. Their principal guideline is that nothing is forever and the attachment to something will only bring you unhappiness. Their fundamentals beliefs are set on Four Noble Truths, dukkha truth of suffering, samudaya truth of the cause of suffering, nirhodha truth of the end of suffering, magga truth of the path that frees us from suffering. The way to free all this is following the Noble Eightfold Path, this path helps you reach enlightenment or Nirvana. The Theravada Buddhism has differences with the Mahayana Buddhism the other largest sect of Buddhism. Theravada…show more content…
That’s why leaders of the community requested via the Thai Embassy that a monk must be sent to minister to their needs. Around the 80’s they sent Ajarn Surachett, the founder of Wat Buddharangsi temple. When he arrived in Miami he was settled in an apartment near Homestead, then he rented a house that serves as a Wat and residence but he knew he needed to expand for future activities. That is why he started a search for a place and the architect Noppom Poochareon is the one who designs the temple of This temple has been in South Florida since January 2002, after a lot of difficulties they went

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