Essay On There Should Be Tougher Law Enforcement To Protect Against Domestic Violence

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Topic: There should be tougher law enforcement to protect against domestic violence. “The people who could do the most to improve the situation of so many victims being are in fact ourselves. It’s in our hand to stop domestic violence against each other” this statement was said by the famous actor Patrick Stewart. This statement is indeed correct. Domestic violence is an international problem which is everybody’s business even if one is not being abused. I strongly believe that there should be tougher law enforcement to protect against domestic violence. No one should experience or be exposed to domestic violence for it; affects family life’ increase the crime rate in countries, and it affects one’s body and mind. Firstly, domestic violence causes a number of effects on family life, it affects how family members relate to one another because they will not feel the appropriate …show more content…

A child who experiences trauma of domestic violence will hinder their emotional growth, hence the child will not develop and maintain a normal level of trust. A child that experiences domestic violence or is exposed to domestic violence can develop a fear of their environment, for they think that everyone will try to hurt them. They also do not trust anyone with their problems or issues, hence they will keep everything inside and this will affect their state of mind. An abused spouse may experience chronic psydiasmatic pain or pain due to diffuse trauma without visible evidence. This form of pain will have a very bad effect on the body. It might not show any visible evidence but it will damage one’s body from inside and might lead to death. According to an article written by Lauren Amanda on, the abused spouse and/or child may develop chronic post-traumatic stress disorders, other anxiety disorders or depression, therefore the laws against domestic violence need to be taken more

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