Scatter Coating: Appropriate Materials

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Coating is the method in which the thermoplastic resins are applied to the substrate material. Generally used coating methods are: 1. Scatter coating – This method utilizes electronically controlled scattering heads to set down the resin on to the moving fabric. 2. Dry-dot-printing – The resin is printed on to the fabric through engraved roller having micro grooves to retain the resin. 3. Paste coated – the net like structure is formed by heating the resin and then it is laminated on the fabric by applying heat and pressure. 8.1.4 Fusing machinery and equipment In spite of what kind of fusible and equipments are used, fusing is controlled by four processing elements, such as, pressure, temperature, time and cooling and these have to be precisely combined in order to achieve the desired results. 1. Temperature – the temperature of resin should be optimum as high a temperature leads to too viscous resin and too low temperature does not allow the…show more content…
2) Cylinder Heating - The cylinder consists of two parts, the inner cylinder, a stationary assembly in which the heating element are mounted; the outer cylinder, which rotates around the inner cylinder. Pressure Mechanism: Pressure is applied constantly and uniformly right through the process once fed into the machine. Actual pressure is applied at the outlet point where drums put heavy pressure on just heated fusible piece. Time Mechanism: Fusing time is based on the speed of conveyor belt; faster the belt runs, the shorter the time. All machines have speed controller which could be adjusted to give various dwell times in the heated zone. High Frequency

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